Cultivating Higher

I am so grateful we found each other...

My journey started personally. I always smoked cannabis to help with my anxiety and relaxation. Then I started to combine cannabis with meditation, crystals and essential oils and that really opened up my intuition and allowed me to align more with my higher self and purpose. All these combined together really helped me heal and reflect on situations and relationships differently. I started to have a different perspective on life and what I was told/taught growing up (a lot of inner child work).

The more I started to show up for myself everyday, meditating, pulling tarot cards, smoking, reflecting and MINDING MY BUSINESS (haha) the more opportunities and abundance flew to me!

I wanted to share this revolution and education with other black and brown people in my community and that's when THKi.Healer was born. I am now able to educate and be an advocate for cannabis, crystal healing, meditation, and overall healing. 

The more I educated myself on the cannabis plant, laws, holistic uses and industry as a whole the more unsettling it was knowing that black and brown people are in jail TODAY for cannabis charges while the white population regulates, controls and keep the dollar in their pocket.

My mission is to help black and brown people breathe, smoke and heal with the combination of cannabis, crystals, essential oils and meditation to cultivate into their higher self, break free from white supremacy and wake up in your purpose daily. I can help start your canna-business or career in the cannabis industry.


Look forward to hearing from you via e-mail ( OR IG @thki.healer